Name and address

The name of the club shall be STFC Official Supporters Club and the address for correspondence is STFC OSC, PO Box 4217, Swindon, SN2 9LH 

Mission and vision

Our mission is to provide both direct and indirect benefits to members and the football club’s wider fan base, making supporting STFC as enjoyable as possible. We will do this by putting the fans at the centre of our decision-making process. 

Our vision is a positive and engaging atmosphere for all STFC supporters, resulting in:

  • an increasingly engaged fan base
  • a positive match-day atmosphere 
  • increasing Club membership volumes

In scope

  • Initiatives directly supporting the vision and mission of the club, its members and STFC fans

Out of scope

  • Activities concerning the operational running of STFC
  • Direct funding of the operational running of STFC
  • Activities concerning the ownership or operational running of other clubs


  • We will operate in a transparent way
  • We will operate in a way such that should any activity be reported on, we will be happy to stand by our actions and decisions
  • We will support STFC but be clearly separate from it
  • All significant decisions will be made via a formal vote and during minuted committee meetings
  • We are open to working with other STFC-related supporters’ groups


Committee Makeup

The Club will be managed by a Committee, who will appoint an Honorary Chairperson, Honorary Vice Chairperson and other officers as they see fit. Normally this will be expected to include: Treasurer, Secretary, Membership, Media / Social Media, Events & Marketing, Matchday Draw Co-ordinator, Pounds-for-Points Coordinator and 1 general member. The Committee will comprise of no more than 10 individuals including the chair.

There will also be an elected Trust STFC Liaison position, that can be held by a committee member in one of the above positions.

Committee appointees must be members.


Existing Committee members will remain in office until such time as they need to seek re-election at an AGM, or there are grounds for removal, or they resign. 

No committee member shall serve for more than 5 years without going through re-election at an AGM by the members entitled to vote. 

The longest serving committee members shall be required to seek re-election if no other member of the committee has served for a 5 year term.

A simple majority is needed to secure a position on the committee


To serve on the committee you must be a member for 6 months. However, if co-opted by an existing committee, this qualification may be waived at the committee’s discretion but must be ratified at the next available AGM (or EGM) in addition to those committee members seeking re-election.
Any sitting committee has the power to co-opt individuals to fill any gaps in numbers up to the maximum of 10. 

Committee membership must be advertised to members.

Committee meetings
Meetings will usually be held monthly. 

No period of three months must pass without a meeting.

Any expenditure made without gaining committee approval must be presented at the next committee meeting.

Committee powers
The committee is empowered to conduct all day to day business on behalf of members.
The committee decision is final in relation to any matter involving the Supporters Club and it has the power to deal with any matters not covered by these rules. (For unresolved disputes see EGM).

Voting and procedures within the Committee
A minimum of 50% of serving committee members are required to form a quorum. 

At least 3 permanent committee members, or 50% of those present (whichever is the larger), must vote on any proposal.

A proposal must be seconded before it can be voted upon, and must have the support of the Chairperson or Vice Chair.

If there is a tied vote, the Chairperson, but in their absence the Vice Chair has the casting vote. If neither is present then support of over 50% of those present is required to support a proposal.
All methods of communication may be used outside of a meeting to facilitate urgent decision making.
All decisions must be recorded by the Secretary and minuted, including:

·  Re-election of Committee members.

·  Receipt and adoption of the annual audited accounts and reports of the officers.

·  Decisions on any possible changes to rules or constitution.

Changes to the constitution

Members must submit proposed changes at least 14 days ahead of the meeting to the Secretary. Proof of posting or electronic communication is required.

Constitution and Policies review

The Constitution and associated Policies will be:

·  reviewed at least annually

·  version-controlled

·  record the two committee members who approved the changes


Any member being in dispute and having all appeal processes, negotiations exhausted, may call an extraordinary meeting, providing they have the support of 10 qualifying voting members.

The member(s) in dispute must cover, upfront, any cost of the notices to members, including postage, stationery and printing costs and other ancillary costs including time. The costs will be advised and must be paid upfront before commencement of the exercise of notifying members of the proposed meeting.

Voting at EGM or AGM

Each paid up member shall have one vote providing they have been a member for at least 6 months at the time of the AGM.
A majority of more than 50% of those voting is required to pass any proposal. 

Voting in person by show of hands is the only acceptable voting method.

The Chairperson or Vice Chair holds any casting vote in the event of a tie.

Membership Fees

The Committee shall set the tariff annually. 

Requests for Charitable Donations

All members must have the same opportunity to request a donation.

The committee must advertise the ability to make a request on each newsletter.

All requests for charitable donations must be formally submitted via the official request form.

The request for a donation can be for any charity or cause.

All submitted requests must be presented and decisions made at a committee meeting.

All approved requests must be communicated on the OSC website.

Whilst all requests will be considered, the OSC cannot guarantee funding for every request.

Funding for requests can come out of any appropriate OSC source.

Charitable Donations

The Committee may make charitable donations as it deems fit, subject to normal voting principles.

Travel Partner

The Committee will notify members of and appoint a preferred away travel partner who may operate independently of the Supporters Club.

External Audit

An independent auditor is required to be appointed by the committee and examine the books annually.

Winding Up

Any winding up of the Club must be ratified by either an AGM or EGM. 

Any assets remaining shall be distributed in accordance with the wishes of the meeting.


Communication with members will be primarily through digital media channels (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Email)

Communication via physical media (e.g. by post) will be by exception only, and must be selected as a preference upon becoming a member/renewing membership


Any expense claimed must be accompanied by an auditable receipt

Any expense claimed must be declared and receipts provided to the Treasurer at the next committee meeting

Matchday Draw Commission

Any ticket seller who is not a committee member will be entitled to exactly 10% (rounded down to the nearest £1) of their ticket sales as commission. The commission will be paid out on the day of the match.

Use of the WhatsApp committee group

The group is to be open only to current committee members, or leaving members during a transition period

The group is to be used only for STFC OSC committee business. It is not to be used for any other purposes, either football or non-football related

The group is to be used when a committee member wants or needs to communicate with all members. If one committee wants or needs to speak with one or more members, but not everyone, this group should not be used. This is firstly to ensure that all other members do not get bombarded with multiple messages that they are not expected to act upon, and secondly as there is no expectation that all communication must be performed via this group. 

This group is not a substitute for individual communication.

Key Success Measures

·  Number of returning members

·  Number of new members

·  Percentage of unique members that attend two or more Supporters Club events 

·  Percentage of members that agree they get value for money for their membership fee

·  Financial performance over the last 6, 12, and 24 months (to ensure sustainability of the club)

Learn More

If you want to know more about the running of the supporters club, you can contact us or read the meeting minutes.