About us



Pete is one of the newer members of the committee, having joined in March 2019. He sits in the Don Rogers stand.



Chris is also a recent joiner to the committee. She has been a season ticket holder for longer than she cares to remember, and sits in the Don Rogers Stand in the same seat since it was built !



Hannah is our Treasurer. She makes sure we remain financially stable and handles the annual audit of our accounts. She can be found in the Arkells Stand on match days.

Events & Marketing


Hannah is currently covering for the Events & Marketing organiser, and is looking forward to offering some exciting opportunities to our members.

Membership & SAS Travel


Sally & Marc share this committee role, which they do in addition to running SAS Travel! You'll see Marc in the SAS Travel booth and Sally in the Town End ticket office before games, too!

Media / Social Media


Anthony is our Social Media rep and is the newest member of the committee. He has been a season ticket holder for 30 years and his hero is still Duncan Shearer! He started coming with his Dad and Grampy in the Shrivenham Road and now attend with his son in the Town End.

Matchday Draw Coordinator


Mary organises the Matchday Draw - you'll see her at the OSC Membership table on match days. She's from a football family and first attended games in the 1966/67 season.

Pounds-for-Points Coordinator


Mark has been on the committee for a couple of years, but has recently taken on this position. Revenues from P4P go towards helping the STFC Youth Team. Found out more by clicking below!

Matchday Draw Ticket Seller


You'll find Mick outside the Don Rogers Stand, He insists he has the lucky location for winning tickets!

Matchday Draw Ticket Seller


Pat stands at the corner of the Arkells Stand and Town End, and has been both selling tickets and supporting the Town for many, many years!

Matchday Draw Ticket Seller


Tracy sells tickets in the various Hospitality suites, as well as the Legends Lounge and Bar 71.

Matchday Draw Ticket Seller


Emma sells tickets in Hospitality, the Legends Lounge and Bar 71.

Matchday Draw Ticket Seller


Micky is our newest ticket seller. You will find him outside the club shop, on the corner of the Town End and the Don Rogers stand. 

Matchday Draw Ticket Seller


We're always looking for new ticket sellers - you'll earn 10% commission on all sales (typically £20 - £30 a game). You don't need to commit to every game, just be friendly, trustworthy and reliable.