Pounds-for-Points: Overview

Who benefits?

Proceeds from this initiative help to raise funds for the STFC Academy, so they can continue their good work with our youth teams. 

In the past, through this initiative, we’ve managed to send youth teams to the Milk Cup tournament on a number of occasions. 

Last year, when asked for help by Alan McLoughlin, we purchased a new lawnmower for them.

How does it work?

The Points for Pounds initiative is quite simple, in that you commit to sponsoring an amount for each point the First Team manages to gain. That amount is typically £1 per point, but can be as little as 50 pence or can be more than £1. 

As an indication, last year the team finished on 64 points, and the year before that on 68 points.

What's in it for me

In thanks for this sponsorship:

·  Your name will be listed in the official STFC matchday programme and on the Supporters Club website (unless you wish to remain anonymous)

·  If you sponsor at least £1 per point, you will be entered into an exclusive draw to win hospitality for 2 people, for one of the matches sponsored by the Supporters Club

Payment & Signing up

How often do I need to make payment?

We will invoice you twice a year; just after the new year and at the end of the season. 

You can make a payment via bank transfer, via cheque or via our Shop.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up for P4P sponsorship by clicking here and filling in the form, then either returning it to a committee member at the membership table in the Legends Lounge, or emailing the form back to us at p4p@stfc-osc.com

For any questions contact us at p4p@stfc-osc.com.

2019-2020 Pounds-for-Points Sponsors List

We really do appreciate all of our current sponsors!

P4P Sponsorship Form

Use the form below to either print it out and send it back by post, or fill it out on your PC or tablet and email it to us at p4p@stfc-osc.com.